Ntokozo Khumalo

Late Night Wine

Pinotage: According to the bottle the boys and I were drinking, is a bust of intense rich coffee and chocolate aromas with a ripe naunces of mulberry, plum and Maraschino cherries. *shouldnt wines have grapes in it?*

I have listened to conversations among a diverse group of people, and what I mostly hear is that “black people dont really know how to enjoy alcoholic drinks such as wine”. You know the drinks you have to take a long sniff off first, and talk about its texture and such before you even take a sip…and sometimes you have to spit that sip out!

Now I dont know wether I fall under those “black people” because of what I am about to say, but since the tender age of 16 when I introduced myself to my fathers cabinet of liqour he never drank, liqour has always been about three things and three things only, getting drunk, writting some psycho crazy “poetry”for at least 3 hours and getting my sexy on…

I have never cared about how expensive the bottle is, what it is called or who was seen drinking it. Heck my favourite drink is still makodor coffee which gets you hammered in 2 glasses. I first found it in 2006, I was in a real crap relationship, hating my parents for no reason and trying to figure out what the hell I am going to do with my life. the bottle was 28 bucks at time, but boy did it have a kick. 5 years later the bottle is now R32…beating inflation at any cost comrade!

I was introduced to wine in a strange way. My parents were never drinkers, I swear I have only seen my parents holding a glass with liqour in it and actually lifting it to their mouth like 3 times… but they kept alot of wine bottles around, alot of different wines, that all tasted different, with different weird names and years and the older it is the better nosense. So I was intrigued by it, but the question still in the back of my mind was “how drunk it go get me?”

It took me to get to the age of 24 to realise the significance of such liqours (yeah I like the word liqour). The  liqours that are not necessary ever enjoyed in a club or party or block party or any other crazyness like that.

Wine to me, makes you think before it gets you hammered. All you need to do is to be aware, which will be a little hard cause you getting drunk, but do it! The Barista PinoTage 2010 , was according to Nathi R200 and real good and would take its time with you…err ok…

The R200 wine with a kick

See it has us sitting in the kitchen in the hood trying to make our best ideas happen over a glass or two or three of wine.The wine made us mellow, made us realise that perhaps we had been getting excited for something we had actually not put any work into. We were pumping each other up by having long, wine enduced conversations about how one day we will make a billion and more from our ideas.

The wine makes you realise that ideas belong to the universe, that there isnt a single idea that is not shared with the entire universe. The idea and talent that may be replicated but done sightly better.

So lets all pick a huge glass of wine and start rebellking against the barcode of lazyness.