So this beautiful lady called Nohle Thema is about to go crazy …like right on the border crazy. We all know her as the humble girl from Channel O, with the infectious smile, banging body and a weave that just always seems to be on point…one could not hate on her swag…
Then she got the Dark n Lovely Gig, which lead to all other kinds of opportunities including the terrible but entertaining “Nonhle Goes To Hollywood” that show was so bad, my two old niece starting attempting to slit her wrists!
Anyhoo, somewhere between her getting a PR team or changing it, something went terribly wrong.
The head got a little big with the swelling or imaginary swelling of her bank account. And some scum on her PR team went through the bible and had a aha moment : Sell South African’s anything with God in it and you good to go.
Except that is not always true, especially for the market she is going after. The critical thinkers, the believes of people and not the person’s religion…
The twitter rants fill of POWS and BOOMS began, for what at some point felt like years. We all find ourselves like ha? And the more questions we ask the more BOOMS! BITCH I AM RICH we got.
I have never followed her, that’s the joy of twitter.  But I can confidently say if her mother does not get a shrink, I will. I got the contacts too!
See there always comes a point where things just get a bit too much. We all human at the end off the day, and great if you have millions “God Bless You”but remember God would never want you flaunting your riches to the millions of poor people living in your country.  You telling them you go pay their rent and they actually wish you would!
We similar to the States in many ways. We follow the same social medias, enjoy thee same music and movies and even similar tastes in partners. But were we do differ…hugely…is the economic breakdown…majority people in this country are poor…majority people following you Nohle are barely making it…are looking up to you. Not to sell them a story of how much money you got, but on how to aspire to even get to a 10th of your wealth.
I will occasionally be on your page Nohle,  I am not actually a fan nor do I hate you. I just hope the same God that got your back to when you need to take a look in the mirror one day…