Be on the look out people!

Those of you that know me personally know that I was so excited about getting a new apartment. It had perfect wooden floors, a spacey kitchen, and a mini study that would act as my blog office *oh the dreams*

The apartment for only R4 400 was also literally up the road from work…It was perfect.

So I gave the guy in the post a call. He was french sounding…errr…but he was white! one can trust a white middle aged man right…

So he tells “all I need is the security and the place is yours, I have had some calls but they all from West African men and I don’t trust them.”

I was sold, he has to be a trustworthy landlord, he is leasing his own property and wants trustworthy tenants.

So off i go to the bank my online banking and transfer R4 400 as security.

His wife, Natalia sends me the lease but after that is when things get a little dodge.

I call him up all excited like “so when we meeting so i can give you the lease and rent money and you give me the key…”

I started getting the run around in a race that had no end the whole weekend. It took me until Sunday to realize, hey…I may just have gotten conned.

I had to threaten to expose him with my connections before he agreed to transfer my cash back. I am still waiting…

And now I feel a little bad cause his wife Natalia tells me in an email, oh we going through a divorce and his finances are real messed up…(you tel me know!)

So I am going to wait a couple of hours for him to transfer the cash, cause come month end I will be homeless if I don’t secure another apartment…

Moral of the story: do not pay security for a place you have not seen

do not trust people like they related to you

do not and I repeat in the words of my wise sister,

do not be dom!