We have to admit to ourselves that con artists are getting smart.

Avoid being conned like me...sob sob

The first time i got conned guy pretended to want to buy my R4 500 phone from me, but he somehow managed to swap my phone with a demo.

The second time is the R4 400 paid as security for an apartment I may never see. But that I am still flexing my muscles on and waiting for my money to be transferred back.

So oh weary readers, I compiled these eight things to remember if you hope to avoid being conned.

1. Bounce it off someone you trust…

See that something on Gumtree or such websites that seems to be too good to be true, a bargain sent from heaven? usually such ads are too good to be true, and if you just were to bounce the idea of purchasing, or leasing something from someone you have never met rather run it through your man, mama or daddy, friend or co-worker before going ahead. it could save you thousands if they pick up something dodge that you don’t.

2. Check credit report for suspicious activity…

Use your rights people! report to the police or ask for their assistance if someone who is trying to do business with you is acting dodge, they can run ID scans etc. And usually you can check their track record in such ways too…

3. Be careful of your personal information you give out 

Don’t give out too much of your personal information before knowing that you are dealing with a reputable institution or person. Try not give out your home address, personal telephone number and any passwords to accounts etc. A reputable person would not demand this from you anyway until they have proven themselves trustworthy of doing business with you.

4.  Watch your debit card

Debit card scams are on the rise and unlike credit card fraud, they can hurt alot more as this is actually your money and not the banks. Check your account regularly, daily if possible to make sure you spot any unusually activity on there.

5. Beware of your online activity 

online identity theft has caught millions out around the world. you don’t need to sign up to everything that is sent to you. Be careful of links sent to you even on trusted social mediums such as twitter and Facebook. Try change your pin often *guilty*

So go on children! lets be conned free