I love how it has come to the point of taking human rights groups to do God’s work. I mean the Great is after all the one who came up with the whole concept of “dont throw stones less you live in a glass house”or “judge not or you will be judged” but as a human kind, except for human rights groups of course, we find ourselves in the judfgig line.

Well Ghana has decided to join Malawi in Uganda in proclaming just how much they dont need gay people in their circles…

Human Rights groups are now more than ever concerned that recent condemnation of homesexuality by religious and political groups in Ghana are leading to a climate of fear, and this is preventing men who have other men as partners from accessing vital health care.

What I am trying to understand is why now? why are we becoming so militant in starting to pick up arms against our brothers and sisters who are deciding to keep the love between themselves and not the other sex?

The strike action against homosexuality is something that really picked up steam in 2010 in Africa. And it all began with two guys wanting to get married in Malawi…

You could see the two clearly had some love going on, and that the one was more than happy to play the female role. so who are we to try and judge them? I have always thought that is God’s job…

If anything I think governments not being accepting of homosexuality on the continent, is doing nothing but increase the number of cases of HIV/AIDS on the continent that goes unreported.

Stop judging and let people live their own damn lives


Love is Love no matter who you love