Human Trafficking remains illusive

Well its not really a shocker. I mean the less money I have to sustain myself and possibly my extended family, the more I am likely to sell my body to the highest bidder.

According to a study by the Internationa Organisation for Migration and entitled Human Traffking in East Africa report, low income levels in homes when put against low levels of employment are largely associated with human trafficking in the east, especially Tanzania.

So in a nutshell, you aunt looking for better living and money in any city on the continent is very likely to be victim to human trafficking.

human traffiking to those who do not know, is basically the sale of a human body, mind and spirit to the highest bidder. It is up to you as the bidder what you decide to do with that body, mind and spirit.

Traffickers usually exploit their victim’s aspirations to one day being employed, and may even sell being a sex slave as a temporary arrangement.

Across the continent there is not sufficient government policies or legislation that will curb traffickers arrogant actions, and according to the report it still remains true that  “attitudes and values regarding women and children may contribute to their vulnerability to being trafficked”

Issues of unemployment in a country sees an increase in the number of people who are promised secure jobs, especially the non city slicker one from the rural areas.

The common market for trafficked bodies is the Middle East, Asia, Europe and would you know it, South Africa. Some bodies, minds and spirits are said to even be sold to rebel group Al-Shabaab to feed their thirst for women.

Governments across the continent are allegedly working overtime to curb thid practice, but by the look of things are not doing do well…

Moral of the story: be patient and dont look for quick fixes, they usually result in you selling your body.