Heart throb actor Lance Gross covered the latest Kore Magazine.


Honestly I had other reason to put him up here except to drool and share the love. *i think of you ladies*

Snipet of his interview:

You seem so confident in yourself, you haven’t always been this way?
Yes I was teased for even smiling a lot [LOL] but it’s been a nice payoff and it feels GREAT, I feel like I’ve gone through enough head ache and pain as a child getting teased I will have stories for my children when they’re going through the same thing.

And you were made fun of because of your complexion, being dark skin?
Yes, it just shows you if you give things time, you never know how one of those things will get you paid.

Like your smile?
Yes, [Smiling] like my smile, from what people say.

Have you done the interracial dating thing?
I’ve dated Latin women. Its different culturally speaking we come from two [different] sides….Its cool, but I’m use to sistahs.