Pour le Concierge de thé – For the tea Concierge

In weather like this a cup is always welcome for me

Tebogo Maleka

We were sitting at the airport one Monday morning, as I offered to get our morning kick started with a good old cup of Uncle Joe. From a robust Americano to an indulgent cappuccino and of course the loved double shot espresso. The conversation swiftly moved to an interesting discussion on different coffee roasts, rich aromas and exotic blends and on how coffee is becoming the “new wine”, so true but what about tea I silently thought as I took sip of my mucho cappuccino.

Tea is just as interesting, a variety of tea blends offer complex dimensions with every sip. There’s a tea for every moment of the day and mood you find yourself in. What I’ve come to discover is that tea can take you to many different exotic place. And there’s nothing as universally pleasing as a good cup of tea or offering someone one. So let me share two great tea serving suggestions & preparation tips for you to try. Bonus: one doubles up as 2 in 1.

I suggest one of my favourite teas, this tea is perfect to every night before going to sleep, when you’re feeling rather creative and inspired or when you just want to enjoy a quiet moment with yourself, this exotic aromatic tea is perfect for that.

Earl Grey:

-Just add boiling hot water to an Earl Grey tea bag in a cup.

-Let it draw in for about 3 mins

-Add hot milk (or soy) what ever tickles your fancy

-Sugar if desired to taste

-And the best part enjoy.

Anytime refreshing drink, perfect for a hot winter’s evening or just right as it’s 2 in 1 alias as the perfect summer’s thirst quencher.

Refreshing Ginger Rooibos

Peel some fresh ginger into thin slices.

-Add a few ginger slices into your cup with the Rooibos teabag

-Add boiling water

-Add honey or sugar to taste (if desired)

2 in 1 twist

Follow all the steps above. Quantity is the key to this, so if you’re serving a number of people just double up on teabags as need for each person, and make in a jug. To transform it into a great summer afternoon’s Ginger Iced Tea

-Just add hot water to your tea bags and ginger slices in the jug.

-Make sure you add enough ginger for flavour and aroma

-Just enough to dissolve the sugar or honey.

-Let the tea draw until it eventually cools

-Remove the teabags

-Add lots ice blocks and refrigerate for 25mins

-Add some lemon slices if desired

-And enjoy with great company!