First off pffffttttttt!

You know what they say about people with dreads right?

Former Columnist Eric Miyeni wrote an open letter to the African National Congress today stating that South Africa’s economic policies favour white people.

He says it has been 17 years since the ANC starting running South Africa but nothing has changed, he also adds that petrol attendants feel that if anyone should vote for the party it is the whites, since they are the ones to benefit from ANC policies.

I just don’t know how much longer we can shift the blame of our own choices after the fact (elections) I mean it is very likely that although the petrol attendant complains of the ANC, election after election he votes for the ANC.

Heck I think Eric votes for the ANC too.

And I am yet to meet a white person, working n corporate or business who would agree with this statement.

Although I hear the grievances Eric is just one of those that I think deserves a hoe sit down….

So…errr…Hoe Sit Down

The ANC is yet to respond to the open letter and say “we are looking at it” Good Luck Eric…lol…the party is known to take about 2 weeks to a month to go through an email.