"Insanity is the new brilliance"

When I first loaded this picture to this blog in August last year I had no idea why I was putting it up and have not known since. Until, that is,  today…I finally have the words to describe exactly why this picture meant something to me.

According to my humble but sometimes very wrong opinion, human existence has been in a limbo state of mind since the emergence of Western Technology in the 15000’s to about 1750.  We would like to believe that we were in our own countries, doing whatever was fashionable at the time, but this was time the United States actually started to depend on its own resources, entrepreneurs and ideas. It started building a culture that most of us only admit to adapting centuries later.

The emergence of Western Technology changed all of us my people (lol) it made us brain dead to what is really important in life and opened the door for us to be screwed over by companies we work for.

Let me explain.

Everyone one of us should by now have woken from the dream that working would open us up to a world of wealth.

You know how it goes.

“As soon as I get my first salary I will be able to buy my own car, own my townhouse and still have money enough to holidays and nice designer clothes”

But life had other plans for us, proving Industrial Revolutions and the likes instead of liberating us, paved the way for us to become slaves for the need to “survive”. We struggle on through years of torture from the She Devil disguised as our manager, we hustle for our pay – dude it is crap working 23 odd days a month to be paid enough to pay rent and maybe buy food! – MAYBE BUY FOOD – lol…

We barely have the courage to try and run. We can’t imagine living without the must haves. It just makes no sense…

…Why insanity is the new brilliance…since the 1500’s