Zuma giving us the finger

Zuma giving us the finger

It seems we still have a good four years to enjoy of our dear ol’ President Jacob Zuma. According to the African National Congress which is the ruling party in the country, Zuma is the favourite to win a second term to rule the party and therefore the country.

Since coming into power in 2009, Jacob Zuma’s only major success has been raising the country’s diplomatic profile by having it become a member of the most powerful emerging economies made up of Brazil, Russia, India and China to form BRICS.

But legislation such as measures to protect state information and his failing job creation policy have over shadowed any efforts.

However for some reason he is still the country’s favourite…

The ANC will be voting for its leader again in December , and whoever wins will most certainly be its nominee in the 2014 presidential election and Zuma still has the race in hand despite strong factions in the party.

The race which will be fought on a local level seems to not pay any attention to major global ratings agencies such as Moody’s who say the economy is moving on the wrong track under Zuma posing long term risk to the country’s stability.

The daunting thing is that some people are at the point where they believe that even if Zuma is replaced, it is not likely that the deputy president will inject the much needed reforms to make the economy more competitive.