Remember that song: Senzeni na, Senzeni na? Senzeni na, Senzeni na? It seems it’s still very relevant if you skin tone happens to be darker than let’s say your white counterpart.

This song which became popular in basically every township in South Africa during the apartheid era, repeats the questions “what have done”, and a new report is once again showing that all we have done is have the audacity to be born black …and perhaps being a little stingy too.

Bad Service for us darkies

Bad Service for us darkies

According to a survey on waiters in the United States nearly two fifths of them admitted to treating customers differently depending on their race. (oh the shock…YAWN)

And as many as 90 percent even go as far as to say they have participated in or overhead racially charged conversations among co-workers.

The study published in the Journal of Black Studies show that waiters perceive blacks to be less polite than others, while others say we generally tip less than other races.

So what do you think? Is the study accurate even in the African context? I know I don’t agree with the tipping part, because I always tip 10% of my total bill.

Do they really look like they dont tip?? or are rude??!

Do they really look like they dont tip?? or are rude??!

And what I find is even worse for us in Africa is that a lot of the time the people serving us are our fellow brothers and sisters who still treat us like shit.

So what is the solution? Is there a solution or will we as black people just always be damned?

Lets take it to the debate room…