It seems Africa still has a long way to go in easing censorship. According to a report released ahead of World Press Freesom Day Eritrea has the worst censorship in the world, with Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia and Sudan being in or pretty close to the top 10 most censored countries.

Censored Journalist

In Eritrea the only news medium is state owned and it operates completely under the direction of the Information Minister. Journalists have no editorial freedom and handed instructions on how to cover events.

The country also shuts down international media and journalists suspected of exporting information out of the country are usually imprisoned with charge or trial.

Access to the Internet is also restricted in Eritrea: all service providers have to connect to the world through a state-operated company, access is affordable only to a few, and a plan to introduce mobile Internet connectivity was abandoned after the Arab Spring uprisings.

The Committee to Protect Journalists say the criteria to make judgement included:

1. Blocking of websites

2. Restriction on electronic recording and dissemination

3. The absence of privately owned or independent media

4. Restriction on journalist movements

5. And license requirements to conduct journalism

Africa has a long road to Journalistic freedom

I am guessing South Africa will be on this list soon??