The Scream

The Scream’ is art work created by artist Edvard Munch between 1893 and 1910. I have known of this painting for quite a while but never really understood nor cared to interpret it.

Four versions of The Scream was created for various media with the National Gallery, Aslo holding two of the painted versions and the Munch Museum holding the other painted version and one pastel.

I just recently discovered that the painting has been the target of several high profile art thefts, in 1994 the version in the National Gallery was stolen but recovered several months later. Ten years later the Munch Museum was also hit when The Scream and Madonna was stolen but then recovered two years later.

Now I understand why the painting is a target, it has sold for $107 million at the Sotheby’s Impressionist & modern Art Auction.

$120 million including commission! And this was over only 15 minutes of biddin. The bidder has not been identified (of course not)


The Simpsons Scream

I wonder how much ‘The Simpsons Scream’ could sell for…

The aert auctions will continue next week were sales of post war and contemparary art will take place.