Women who rape…

South Africa has this stigma of voilence against women and children, but now it seems women themselves are the abusers too.

A woman and a teenage girl has appeared in the Protea Magistrate Court in Soweto on charges of raping a 17 year old mentally disabled boy.

The teenager,17, faces a charge of rape while her 26 year old relative faces a charge of sexual assualt.

The boy went to his grandmother immediately after being raped, and said it was similiar to three other cases of unresolved cases which involved women drugging and raping men.

At a previous court appearance, the older woman was granted bail of R1,000. The minor was released into the custody of her parents.

And as always the two covered their faces with a blanket to avoid local residents and journalists. My question is, why the shame now??

The case was postponed to May 18 to allow for an assessment of the victim.

WTF is happening to our country people….