SMH at Brian Mcknight

I like many fan’s don’t know what was going through Brian Mcknight’s head when he released “Let me show you how your p—sy works”. I mean even the title is WTF…lol

Well after much controversy over his R&B ballad he has decided to use the publicity to his advantage, by joining forces with Funny or Die and making his own parodt video.

In the music video Brian is a professor of Snatch Academy. His sole purpose is to educate young beautiful women on the working of their v-jay jay.

When the women try and get down and dirty with him, he instead breaks out pamphlets, books, and puppets to teach them what to do since they didn’t come to him in the first place.

You can check out the video on Youtube. Search for Brian Mcknight – Let Me Show You How Your P–sy Works