petrol prices a sad laugh

We have all been inspired to pack our bags and look for a cheap petrol haven of late as rising price hikes continue to hit our already almost empty pockets. But countries with some of the cheapest fuel prices have their own set of problems.

Heres a list of the countries where fuel may be cheap but you may need to think twice about living here.

1. Equador R5.00/L (about $37.5/L )

This country’ economy depends on the export of petroleum, fish, timber and gold. It is also rich in agricultural products such as bananas, rice and sugar.

Although you can fill up a 50 litre tank for less than R250 in the Central American country, the dirty politics, over eager police, rebellious natives and a governemtn that appears to be falling apart may make you reconsider.



2. Egypt R4.50/L (about $31.50/L )

I am pretty sure we all know what is going on in Egypt. Although the social revolution has inspired us all to take a stand against our incompetent government’s; being in the middle of it is quite another story.

Egyptian revolution started via social media

The North African country is also notorious for its dodgey roads and terrible drivers, so whatever you save at the pumps may actually end up going to servicing your car on a regular basis.3. Brunei R3.60/L ($27/L )

Brunei sounds awesome for one other reason besides the low fuel prices and that is that nobody in the country pays tax; but you dont get much of your way as a citizen either. When the Sultan says jump you ask how high. You don’t really get to use your car anyway as the entire country is the size of about Johannesburg and Pretoria.

And for what you save at the pumps you can expect to pay for at the shopping centres, as most of the goods are imported.

4. Oman R2.90/L ($21.75/L )

If you like lots of desert than the gas saving may be worth it

Oman may not have the troubles of the countries on this list, but it also doesnt have much else to offer except for desert. Lots and lots of desert. I guess if playing around the dunes with camels is your thing then go for it.

5. Kuwait R2.10/L ($15.75/L)

In South Africa and other African countries we actually shy away from using the public transport system for our own safety and pockets really. but in Kuwait the public transport system is so subsidised that it is almost free.

And it is alot safer than some of its neighbours such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq. So it wouldn’t really make sense to run here when you won’t even be using your car much.

6. Algeria, Turkmenstan & Qatar R2/L ($15/L )

Algeria is still taking baby steps in developing its economy after ending a 19 year old state of emergency recently. The government has also been slow in responding to its people’s needs, it took protests for the government to start listening.

The fuel may be low in Turkmen but the population is also dirt poor.Although the country is rich in minerals most of the revenue from this goes straight into the pockets of the politicians. There is one positive though, the crazy dictator has been replaced by a slightly saner one.

Okay the only really bad thing (and its depending on how you see it) that I could think of about Qatar is that its really hot!

Qatar Heat

Buhrain, Libya, Sudia Arabia and Iran all boast fuel prices that are between R1.90 and 90 cents. But Venezuela takes the cake at 20 cents /L. These countries are mostly plagued by oil tensions that usually result in war.