So I conclude that models are officially airheads. Like everyone knows you need to be carefull about what you tweet! sheesh!

Beauty and no brains Jessica Leandra dos Santos

Last week Firday the twitter mob in the twitter streets of South Africa took down FHM model Leandra dos Santos after she tweeted: “Just, well took on a an arrogant and disrespectful kaffir inside Spar. Should have punched him, should have [sic].”

People of course were pissed off, but most of us kinda shrugged it off as just another racist girl who couldnt keep her private comments private anymore. We didn’t really take to calling the ‘other’ race out.

But of course there is always just that one person among us.


What kind of modelling does Tshidi do?

Say hi to Tshidi Thamana who tweeted:

Thamana just like dos Santos first took the ‘I’m standing up for myself route’ when the twitter mob questioned her initial tweet by replying: “Dear all … Why do people think I am a racist when I said it was wrong to be racist SMH [shaking my head] … Really!”

The International Relations and Co-operations Department deemed her tweet hate speech, which saw her retract to:

“Yes, racism is wrong and I apologise for the ‘kill all whites’ tweet … It was tweeted in anger.”

Later she added: “Dear SA, sincere apologies for the death wish for white people, it was tweeted in anger and yes, condemnation of each other is wrong.”

SMH people SMH!