Unemployed unskilled labour

I dont know how many of us have relatives that make up South Africa’s unskilled workforce and complain daily about getting paid peanuts. Well apparently those peanuts are too much…

Investorpedia explains unskilled labour as:


work that requires practically no training or experience for its adequate or competent performance.

the labor force employed for such work.
Well according to economists Mike Schussler and I quote ” the ugly truth in SA is that unskilled and semskilled workers are being overpaid, which contributes to keepin other people of of the job market”
He was speaking at the release of HIS annual South African Employment Report last Friday, which is sponsored by trade union Uasa.
Schussler says South Africa could slash its embarrassing unemployment rate if the thousands of people who lacked skills received smaller pay incrases at entry level.
I dont know but R500 per month for some seems pretty low…