Twitter and Facebook have become the usual suspects in fueling rumours that sometimes actually turn out to be the truth. The latest being that kwaito star Brown Dash is no longer with us.

This came after a tweet from another artist Brickz reading: “RIP. Brown Dash. Soholala sikuthanda. [We’ll always love you].”  and when a fan asked if he was just joking around, he responded with “Ang’dlali skhokho. I just left him 10min ago. Now I’m getting a foun call yokuthi hs passed on. I’m not joking dude”


Brown Dash at the SAMAs

Brown Dash as we all noticed at the SAMAs, was a shadow of his former self. But no one wanted to speculate on what the issue with his health was.

What I find interesting though is the debate his untimely death is causing. People are coming out saying he is a legend with others disagreeing completely.

I mean sure he did have some hits that we all loved for obvious reasons such as:

Chipatu Mwasinga@Chipa2

Wasnt a huge fan, but phants komthunzi welanga had me jamming at many a guzzling (drinking) session, so... RIP #browndash

This is what the rest of Twitter had to say on his death…

Rest In Peace SphiweBrown DashMpamile #GoneTooSoon

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@vandalSwagg: God please bring back BrownDash and take @akaworldwide instead..”*Oh yeah?*

@vandalSwagg: Why does God take Humble people like BrownDash and leave behind Arrogant people like @akaworldwide ?!?”*For real? Ok*

Arthur: Brown Dashrescued kwaito

On the 9th may in 2004 Brenda fassie died in jhb hospital again on the 9th may 2012 ts Brown Dash wats up with ...

RT @Makhut: This reaction to Brown Dashs death is startling. People pretend to have cared. If they did theyd ...

Kwaito star Brown Dash dies

I shall not die of a cold...I shall die of having livedBROWN DASH died having lived life to the fullestR.I.PSiphiwe Emanuel Mpamile