White twitter and Facebook were outraged this week when it was discovered that 12 Impalas were murdered in the Kruger National Park.

Of course everyone’s first thought’s was that it was those bloody poachers at it again.

But it turns out the culprit is a San Parks contractor who was speeding in the park. Like who the hell does that. What also doesn’t make sense is if he was speeding, how the hell did he manage to kill all of 12 impala’s? I mean one or two is understandable, but don’t you make the effort to miss the other 10? Or were they all just standing in line with a “hit me” sign?

There has been confusion since Monday as to what charge the guy will face, since he wasn’t a poacher and was actually with San Parks, some people were concerned that he would get off easy, especially when talks of a R2 500 for the impala’s arose.

But justice seems to have prevailed. The guy was hit with a R21 000 fine and banned from the Kruger National Park for 5 years….damn!

Deserved I think…Image picture courtesy of Alwyn Myburgh@BigPicAlwyn