Rhino poaching is rife in the Kruger National Park

It seems SanParks is not playing around anymore when it comes to taking poaching seriously, be a poacher at your own  risk.

SanParks says a suspected rhino poacher was killed in a shoot out at the Crocodile Bridge Ranger section of the Kruger National Park last week Thursday.

An investigation by rangers, police and the military into the killing of a rhino cow and her calf led the the three suspected poachers, and as the cowboy style shoot out ensued one suspect was fatally wounded and the other two arrested.

Four fresh rhino horns, a hunting rifle and an axe were recovered from the men.

The total number of rhinos poached in the Kruger National Park since January this year now stands at 130.

Wait so the military is Jungling it out investigating rhino poaching cases? ok…