Kim ‘I wish I were black’ Kardashian

This debate has been going on for years, granted its mostly an American issue but as the world becomes more globalised, we has Africans find ourselves dealing with the same issue too. Black men wanting white women, and the white women actually wanting all the perks of being a black woman without actually being black.

I have never really cared for the debate really, and actually find it flattering that some white woman thinks a big ass and titty’s and a slightly darker skin is sexier than when they were born with. If in the process she bags herself a black man, well good for her, it’s not like I was going to end up with him.

I’m not sure why we as black women feel so dis-empowered when white women try to be us. I mean at the end of the day YOU are the real thing right?

I suppose maybe its the reasons our black brothers will give for preferring the white women over us: they not loud or argumentative, are a little more freaky in bed and submissive etc.

Well to me that is bullshit…if a particular guy brings these as the issues or you as a black woman have a problem because of these issues than frankly you’ll are the ones with the problem, because not all black women are loud or don’t know how to get their freak on.

So when Kim Kardashian made headlines again for tanning her skin to be more black, I couldn’t give two shits. We already know she loves her some black man and woman for that matter.

Do you think this is an issue we should just be getting over as a 21st century people or does it bother you some?