My mother introduced me to Sunday World a couple of years back and to her the paper was more like a Daily Sun publication that ones read for some laughs and celebrity updates.

Look out for Dineo on VUZU TV soon…

She would buy a stack of papers with my dad every Sunday after church, and they would sit in the study for hours in the afternoon reading through them. There was a routine to it too, Sunday Times and such first then the comic relief  that is Sunday World.The paper has stuck to its reputation over the years, but the journalism seems to be getting worse.

Of late it seems the best way for the paper to sell is to target Dineo Ranaka.

She just recently announced that she will have a reality show on VUZU “Dineo’s Diary”. The channel has commissioned a 12-part series but has not announced when it the show will start.

I  and thousands if not millions of her fans are excited for her, the lady is a breath of fresh air…She is driven and despite lifes difficultties still manages to push on all while being her authentic self.

But of course to Sunday World this is not enough. I swear it must be a personal vendetta this…

In an article released this past Sunday, they go into the reality show for what seems like 5 lines, the rest of the article is reserved for the Dineo bashing and reminding the whole world of her faults, which by the by they have never proven to be true.

I actually threw up in my mouth a little bit. Why is it necessary for every article @SundayWorldZA writes about @dineoranaka to have a BUT?

And just to be clear I do not but the paper at all. Simply go on twitter hashtag them and see what articles seem to have generated the most reaction from readers.

There really is usually nothing to read…unless its Dineo Ranaka of course…