We all have days were we just don’t feel like going to work. Especially during these winter months were being snuggled up in bed or the couch in front of the television is way more enticing then dealing with your boss in the office. We call in “sick” and fake a cough for dramatic effect we also don’t really think of how much our laziness is costing the company, let alone the country as a whole. I mean it is just one or two days, and it is just me right…wrong! there are millions of us doing it each and every other day, and the costs apparently are hefty.

According to the Adcorp Employment Index the average output per worker is more than R140 000 a year or R574 a working day. In 2011 3.4 million workers were absent due to sick live and 700 ooo were just absent. this cost the country R3.9 billion!

In real terms, this is a cumulative lost of R47.5 billion since 2000.

Adcorp says the unplanned and unpredictable nature of sick leave has knock on effects that are disruptive to the supply chains, meaning the numbers are probably greater.

Between 2009 and 2011, a quarter of all workers took up in full the maximum statutory allowance for sick leave, of 36 days in a three-year cycle. With sickness related absenteeism increasing four fold since 2007, even though employment numbers were virtually flat over the decade.

It seems government sectors are hardest hit by Absenteeism, with a third of public sector workers being absent for health reasons  compared to 9.2 percent of the private sector workers.

Adcorp says poor managerial oversight, weak administrative controls, outdated information systems and lax human resources functions in the government sectors is what contributes most to the poor controls of absenteeism.

So next time you thinking of calling in sick, think of how much you costing our economy…Yes you!