This pic has such a 1976 feel to it…tehehehe

I first heard of this youth subsidy that President Jacob Zuma plans to introduce earlier this week, I wasnt listening attentevily so I basically made my own conclusions to what it was, and the one that made sense for Zuma to come up with is a sort of grant for unemployed youth. Thank God I was wrong.

It seems the subsidy is a sort of tax incentive from government to employers that employ and unemployed youth under the age of 35. This is in a bid to minimize the risk for employers who take on inexperienced youths by giving them tax breaks.

Cosatu and the DA seem to be on opposite ends about this however, with the DA for and Cosatu against the policy.

Cosatu’s argument:

  • This is SA after all, what stops an employer from firing all older workers and hiring only under 35’s to maximise tax breaks?
  • What is older workers are prejudiced against with the youth standing a higher payment chance?
  • The youth stand to be exploited….HA??

The DA’s argument:

  • The DA’s argument is really just with Cosatu, they feel that Cosatu is stifling growth by rejecting such policies.

The DA basically resorted to taking to the streets, marching to the Cosatu house where as we saw on the news voilence broke out. What I also found a little strange is the number of black DA members that were on the streets, I refuse to believe that the DA is now majority black. I find myself agreeing with Cosatu who said the DA is misleading the people.

But the crux of it right now  seems to be that the DA is agreeing with the ANC on policy. But whether this is genuine or in hopes the ANC finds itself with egg on the face is yet to be seen.
You gotta love South African politics…. What do you think? is introduce a youth wage subsidy a good or bad idea?