The infamous spear

The past week has been very interesting for South Africa, it was the kind of week that happens once in a while and is stranger than fiction. From the DA attempting to take on Cosatu (big mistake) and ” The Spear” making its debut at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg.

Of course this was the opportunity for political parties to whore themselves out to the media, mostly in defence of President Jacob Zuma, calling the painting by Brett Murray disrespectful. Buuuut problem is a lot of us did not really find the painting all that disrespectful, we found it more a reflection of reality. The only reason is was shocking is because no one had really had the guts to take art to that point, but we were all thinking it COME ON!

The race issue was once again thrown out there, and apparently some ANC members created its own rendition of the spear with the face of DA leader Helen Zille, she laughed it off. fail…

Helen Zille’s err spear

Earlier this week two bright sparks decided to go to the Gallery and basically destroy the painting. The white man opting for red crosses on the face and penis of the president, and black dude came with black paint and just went across the entire painting.

What was very interesting, is how the white man is the one who went first in destroying the art but the black guy is one who was head butted and knocked the fuck down by security. I don’t think I even saw handcuffs on the white guy. Oh well…beautiful South Africa.