Executives stay scheemin…

Sometimes these survey’s just piss me off because they continue to show how the working class will forever be screwed over by large corporations and their executives.

A new global survey by Ernst & Young shows that the pressure to meet revenue targets is undermining executives commitment to compliance with policies and the law…In other words it is making it harder for them to do business the clean way…right…

The survey shows that 15% of senior executives polled at leading companies are willing to make cash payments to win or retain business, this is an increase from the 9% recorded in 2010.

Ernst & Young polled more than 1 700 executives across 43 countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Namibia and Nigeria (of course Africa) were heads of legal, compliance and internal audit were asked for their views on fraud, bribery and corruption.

Over a third of the participants in the survey believe corruption is widespread in their country, and the situation is significantly worse in rapid-growth markets like Brazil (84%), Nigeria (72%), Turkey (52%) and SA (64%).