You have been friend zoned my friend…

There are few things in this game of love that is more brutal than being friend zoned. The feeling of being so close yet so far…so so far…Let me relate my story that inspired this discovery…

A close friend of mine, (let’s call her Thami …) just recently discovered how painfully salty being steadily place in friend zone truly is.

See a couple of months ago she met a Dashing Mixed Breed; half DRC, half something more exotic. Thami was of course immediately attracted to him, but was still getting over the betrayals of her now ex –boyfriend that has left her shattered by the hurt for years. This meant she had no time or energy for love and friend zoned the Dashing Mixed Breed by the way happened to be a really good guy.

Dashing Mixed Breed was friend zoned hard too. She told him in a rather blatant manner that she was still in love with her ex and eventually started ignoring his phone calls.

Thami continued to date other dashing so and so’s, months went by and one by one; they managed to steal her belief in real honest love. She does think about Dashing Mixed Breed often and eventually reached out to him.

What they meet for the very first coffee in months, he was naturally a little cold towards her. He was trying to figure out her angle but only saw someone with the potential to break his heart. Thami sure felt the rejection but was determined to do whatever it took to gain his romantic interest back; even sex.

The second meeting was some lunch where during the hearty meal Dashing Mixed Breed invited Thami to church. CHURCH…!

First off Thami has not been to church since Matric which is about 8 years ago! This is insane; but she had promised herself she will win Dashing Mixed Breed back no matter what, if it will score her points she will do it even if it means going to Church.

She let out a sigh of relief when the pastor said sermon over but disbelieve when Dashing Mixed Breed invited her to church again next Sunday. My friend has unfortunately been friend zoned. Unless of course Dashing Mixed Breed likes to handle his relations very slowly.

I couldn’t help but laugh, cause I too know too well how being friend zoned leaves you. You are left asking yourself what is so wrong with you that the person you want, wants you as a friend. The other disgusting that about it is that being friend zoned is barely about your looks, but goes a little deeper. Your conquest is basically telling you “ I want you in my life just not like that”.

You are left hoping that you could change this somewhere down the line; that he will see how awesome you are and want you as his girl. But you actually are left holding the candle in many a movie nights with his girlfriend.

Being friend zoned is tough and in my opinion the only way to survive it is to accept it and keep it moving…