I swear Sudan and South Sudan are those siblings that are born just hating each other, and throughout their lives take infighting to new heights. The only time the two countries (who used to be one not so long ago) seem to agree to some kind of peace or compromise if they they both stand to lose equally if they dont.

Why can’t we all just get along?

And the issue goes deep, I have colluegues from both Khartoum and South Sudan, and they swear it is the other with problem.

Well now Sudan’s Foreign Ministry says it has agreed in principle to a seven point roadmap drafted by the African Union to end its festering conflic with neighbouring South Sudan.

The AU backed by the United Nations and the US (probably for the oil) has been spearheading mediation efforts between the two countries in the past.

South Sudan is yet to show its commitment and give its official response to the roadmap… I expect the middle finger.